When it comes to online gambling, a lot of Canadian players want to know if it’s legal in their country. On top of that, they want to know which provincial laws will affect which types of gambling they can do on the Internet. Generally speaking, the answers to these questions are pretty straight-forward, but we want to give you an idea of why these laws are the way they are in the first place so that you understand where the government is coming from.

A while back, all forms of gambling were made illegal on a federal level in Canada. However, because the provinces were really trying to boost revenues, they decided to allow limited forms of gambling to be decided on the provincial level. Seeing the success of this “experiment” for boosting revenues and seeing how well the provinces handled regulation and player safety, a complete lift of the ban was made, and now provinces hold all of the legal power over gambling of all forms, and this includes online gambling.

Long story short, gambling online isn’t illegal anywhere in Canada. There is a misconception that it’s illegal in Saskatchewan, but the reason for this misconception is that they don’t allow gambling businesses to operate there. It has nothing to do with actually playing online, so don’t let a misinterpretation of these laws keep you from enjoying your favorite types of betting on the Internet.

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